The next tournament @clissoldarms is on Wednesday 22nd of November

William Zheng (seated) winner of the Major!

Results from 25 October - 40 players took part! The next tournament @clissoldarms is on Wednesday 22nd of November

OPEN - was won by Gautam Jain and Tom Villiers with 5/6.  They won £45.00 each. Geoffrey M Brown and David Millward finished with 3.5/6 and shared the rating prize with £15.00 each.

MAJOR - was won by William Zheng (pictured above) with 5.5/6 who won £60.00 and 2nd was Jonathan Rubeck with 4.5/6 who won £30.00.

MINOR - was won by David Hackett with 6/6 winning £60.00 and 2nd was Nima Chatrizeh and Nick Goulbourne with 4/6 winning £15.00 each. Rebecca Carter won the rating prize with her score of 4/6 and won £30.00.

The next tournament @clissoldarms is on Wednesday 25th of October

Jake Hung
Results from 27 September

OPEN - was won by Jake Hung with 4/5.  He won £60.00 and Ben Keohane finished 2nd and won £30.00 for his score of 3.5/5.

MAJOR - was won by Oliver Finnegan with 4/5 who won £60.00 and 2nd was Raunak Rao who won £30.00.

MINOR - was won by Carl Bardsley with 5/6 winning £60.00 and 2nd was Tim Crouch with 4.5/6 winning £30.00

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